DevOps Audit and Compliance

13 September 2017


by Jeff Gallimore, Excella Consulting, Partner

Short Narrative/Description:

  1. I've heard a lot of questions about DevOps, audit, compliance, and how they all fit together. I've fielded more questions from more people recently. In my mind, that means more people are applying DevOps patterns and practices to their work and the work they're doing is real (as opposed to sandbox, pilot, or "let's try this stuff out" projects). Why else would they be interested in audit and compliance?

  2. We'll talk about how audit and compliance (and others) fit into DevOps. We'll also cover some resources that might be helpful if you're "doing the DevOps" and interested in making audit and compliance efforts go more smoothly.

Speaker Background:

  1. Jeff is a Partner and Co-founder at Excella Consulting, a 240-ish-person IT consulting firm based in Arlington, VA. Jeff started his career as a developer and DBA then turned to the dark side by going into management. Now he lives vicariously through other engineers and reminisces about the good ol' days when he spent most of his time in a code editor and the command line rather than Outlook and Excel. Jeff currently leads Excella's Services organization building the firm's capabilities and thought leadership in the work they do. Regardless of the role, Jeff keeps a passion for technology and how it can be used to support the business and achieve results.

Video and audio recordings of the presentation, and the presentations in pdf and pptx, are available for your review.