ASQ Section 0511 July 2008 Meeting Announcement

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Amphora Restaurant

Herndon, VA

Directions to the Restaurant

Creating an Impactful Voice of the Customer that Gets CFO support

John Goodman

John Goodman

  • Mr. Goodman graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in chemical engineering. He received an M.B.A. from Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration in 1971, where his specialties were operations research and management control. Upon graduation from Harvard, Mr. Goodman worked at the Environmental Protection Agency, supervising the Environmental Impact Statement System.
  • In 1972, Mr. Goodman left EPA to found TARP.
  • Mr. Goodman has managed more than 800 separate customer service studies, including TARP's White House sponsored evaluation of complaint handling practices in government and business; studies of word of mouth and the bottom-line impact of consumer education sponsored by Coca-Cola USA; and multiple surveys of the use of toll free service numbers by major corporations. In addition, he has developed methodologies for developing CRM strategies and priorities via integrating customer problem data with other types of market feedback to estimate the market implications of quality and service decisions.
  • Mr. Goodman has over 30 years of experience in providing Executive level CRM assistance to clients in both the public and private sectors. Business Week credits Mr. Goodman’s research for creation of the GE Answer Center, the original customer satisfaction contact center, as well as instigation of service initiatives at American Express, Coors and Toyota in the 1980s. Clients have included the CEOs of IBM, ServiceMaster, Coca-Cola, American Express, Neiman Marcus, Honda, USAA, Chick Fil A, Xerox and Harley Davidson as well as Senior Executives in the Intelligence Community. He has published widely in refereed journals including the lead journal of the American Society of Quality, Quality Progress, where he has published seven articles.
  • He has taught service quality, CRM and service reengineering courses at Wharton Business School's executive education program. He researches, publishes and speaks regularly on best practices for customer service and CRM. He has appeared on “Good Morning America”, the ABC Evening News, and as a panelist on the PBS show, “The Editors.”
  • He has conducted training for the American Bankers Association, the Life Office Management Association, the American Financial Services Association, the Food Processors Association, the American Management Association, the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, the American Gas Association, and the Food Marketing Institute. His international credits include seminars in England, Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, France, Switzerland, and Germany.
  • Other studies Mr. Goodman has managed include an evaluation and redesign of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's complaint handling. He also was a Principal Investigator for the National Science Foundation for several studies including those studying the most effective techniques for gaining citizen participation in government programs, improving the effectiveness of public health programs and evaluating the quality of public and private data sets describing the linkage of research and development to improved corporate productivity.

Creating an Impactful Voice of the Customer that Gets CFO support

  • Over half of Voice of the Customer processes have very little impact. This is because they don’t provide a clear picture of opportunities and don’t create a economic and marketing imperative. The revenue implications tend to be ten to twenty time the cost implications. Mr. Goodman will draw on case studies from companies, government and non-profits like Cisco Systems, Toyota, the USPS and the Museum of Modern Art to illustrate how you can convert problem and complaint data into an estimate of the revenue and word of mouth cost of NOT taking action.



Email by Monday 14 July 2008 to register for this dinner meeting and presentation. Cost for dinner is $25.00 per person. There is no charge to attend for the presentation only. But, if your plans change, please contact, and let us know.


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Next Meeting: Wednesday, 20 August 2008 - Amphora, Herndon, VA

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