ASQ Section 0511 February 2009 Meeting Announcement

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18 February 2009

Amphora Restaurant

Herndon, VA

Directions to the Restaurant

IV&V and the mitigation of risk in system development

Eva Freund, The IV&V Group, Inc.

  • Eva Freund is the President and founder of The IV&V Group, Inc. She has over 20 years of verification and validation experience. She has demonstrated extensive expertise in all facets of independent verification and validation including planning, monitoring and controlling IV&V programs for numerous Federal government agencies. Also, she conceptualized a system development methodology at HUD, defined an enterprise-level IV&V program and infrastructure at OCC, and assessed project deliverables for selected programs at NARA, DOT, CMS, and OCC. Ms Freund was the IV&V manager and acting project manager for the FBI's IAFIS program. Prior to that she participated in, and led test efforts for such companies as UUNET, DIGITAL CORP, MCIMetro, and Bell Labs/ATT Information Systems.
  • Ms Freund has taught courses in software test and quality assurance at The George Washington University and courses in planning and evaluation at Goddard College. She serves as Vice-Chair of the IEEE 829 (Standard for Software and System Test Documentation) Working Group which has re-written that standard to reflect testing's process orientation within the development life cycle. Since 1996 she has participated on the IEEE 1012 (Standard for System Verification and Validation) Working Group which is broadening the current Standard for Verification and Validation to include the System and Hardware perspectives. She is a frequent contributor to Software Quality Professional. Ms. Freund has an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a graduate degree in Organization Development from Goddard College. She is designated by IEEE as a Certified Software Development Professional and by ASQ as a Certified Software Quality

The IV&V Group, Inc.

    Who We Are
  • We are a small woman-owned business with more than twenty years of experience providing services to federal, state, and local agencies as well as the private sector.
  • We specialize in independent verification & validation and have experience with IEEE Standards, SEI-CMM and SEI-CMMI.
  • With more than twenty years of experience members of our staff have provided testing and IV&V expertise to such companies as UUNET, DIGITAL Corp, and Bell Labs/ATT Information Systems. We have provided IV&V expertise to such Federal agencies as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the National Archives, Office of Comptroller of the Currency, and the Small Business Administration.
  • Our staff are major contributors to the development of numerous IEEE Standards relative to Independent Verification and Validation and have provided input to numerous IEEE Standards relative to system and software engineering. Current participation in the development of IEEE Standards includes active participation on the IEEE 1012 Working Group and being Vice-Chair of the IEEE 829 Working Group.



updatedEmail by Friday 13 February 2009 to register for this dinner meeting and presentation. Cost for dinner is $25.00 per person if reservations are made by deadline, $30 if otherwise. There is no charge to attend for the presentation only. But, if your plans change, please contact, and let us know.


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