ASQ Section 0511 October 2010 Meeting Announcement

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Amphora Restaurant

Herndon, VA

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Aviation Mishap Investigation

Gregg Monaco

Speaker Biography

Gregg Monaco learned how to fly during his final days at Indiana University and vectored his focus from an MD-PhD track in cardiology to 10 years with the US Air Force. Following 2 years of flight training, he was initially assigned to the B-52 Wing at Minot AFB, North Dakota. This was followed by flight testing the B-1B bomber and acceptance into the SR-71 Blackbird program.

During his Air Force sojourn, Gregg was trained in TQM (Total Quality Management) in conjunction with his duties as a Flight Safety Officer. In Flight Safety, Gregg investigated a number of incidents ranging from routine physiological episodes to Class A mishaps – a total destruction of an airplane and/or fatality. As an added benefit, he had the opportunity to attend Motorola University in the new concept of Six Sigma and had Bill Smith as one of his mentors. As a result of a “ramp hold” on several aircraft scheduled for a test flight one Friday, the universal quip amongst the flight crews was “How much tax payer funded jet fuel did we convert into noise without flying”. This led to cocktail napkin calculations at the Officers Club, enriched by a Saturday morning trip to the Squadron to check performance data, with a Monday presentation to the Commander to reposition all the aircraft for an annual $50 million fleet fuel savings by decreasing taxi and idle engine time for the fleet. Of course, the airplanes got moved!

Following the Air Force, Gregg entered the aviation insurance industry as an underwriter. He quickly attained his Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation. From a quantifiable foundation, he researched and established data-driven rates for computing premiums on aircraft hulls. Historically, aviation insurance falls into a category called “A-Rated” which means an underwriter thinks of a number and shares that premium number with a broker representing an aircraft operator ranging from Farmer Fred through corporate fleets to airline operators. His efforts put his employer far ahead of competitors when the California Insurance Commission decreed aviation insurance would be “Filed Rates”. This large project resulted in his Six Sigma Master Black Belt designation. As an underwriter, Gregg had Board of Director approval to insure risk exposures up to $300 million.

He relocated to Northern Virginia shortly before the Millennium as a result of family concerns and has focused on information technology and quality applications.

Gregg recently joined CSC as a Principal in September and is one of their practicing Master Black Belts in Lean Six Sigma for government clients in both classified and unclassified venues.

He continues to hold a Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor, Advanced Ground Instructor, and Instrument Ground Instructor licenses. He is also certified as a computer network engineer and instructor in multiple operating systems.

Gregg holds advanced degrees and certifications in Aeronautical Systems Safety Engineering, Master’s in Management and Administration, MBA, and an MBA with a Technology Management specialization. He has published numerous articles dealing with flight safety, aviation insurance, quality thinking and application, and several training guides in computer networking.

Through all his adventures and experiences, Gregg is most proud of his age 3 son.


“Aviation Mishap Investigation” is almost as old as aviation itself. It resulted from an acute desire to “save lives”, as well as “protect and preserve resources”. Through the years it matured from groping straws in the proverbial hayfield littered with plane parts to ultra sophisticated, interdisciplinary application of science, math, engineering, logistics, manufacturing, training, psychology, communications, and human factors.

Our presentation this evening opens a window of insight into the anatomical reconstruction of aviation investigations and their subsequent lessons learned with practical remediation that the lay public is largely unaware. It will draw upon actual data gleaned from military, private, corporate, and airline aircraft investigations.

Fasten your seatbelts… your Captain is ready to stoke the after-burners for takeoff!



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