Minutes of the Northern Virginia ASQC Board Meeting - 4 April 1996

On April 4, 1996 the Executive Board of ASQC No. Va. Section 0511 met to
discuss the society's business.  In attendance were: 

Patty Adair (202-745-7805; e-mail:  padair@cotton.org)
Bill Toth  (301) 924-6131
Harvey Shaw (703) 892-2740
Suzanne Stuckwish (703) 920-5730
Russell Carstensen (301) 495-9100
Bill Casti (800-604-6149)
Henry Kling (703) 360-9134
Bill Eastham (703) 323-5803

The meeting came to order at 7:05 PM in the Intertek Boardroom, Fairfax, VA. 

1.  The previous meeting's minutes were approved as written.

2.  Treasurer's report.  Tabled (Treasurer not present).

3.  Standing Committee reports:

a.  Programs.  Rebecca Lovern has resigned as Programs Chair; Russ
Carstensen volunteered to help out while Board searchs for new Programs
Chair.  April program is set, topic will be Quality Proposals, date is
April 24.  May 7 meeting will be joint meeting with DC chapter, Deming
Study Group and AQP.  Peter Scholtes is speaker.  Price is $35.00 which
includes Buffet, venue is Crystal Gateway Marriott.  June meeting will be
Spouse's night.  Still seeking a speaker.  Russ C. and Harvey S. will
coordinate to put this one together.  Science Fair winners will be

b.  NQM.  Event will be in Oct.  Satellite downlink is 1-4 PM.  Looking
for corporate sponsors.  Within one month Bill Eastham's committee will
have advertising and sponsorship settled and will provide Board with
agenda to vote on in terms of budget.  Marriott is sending $650.00 refund
check to Treasurer.  If not received by mid-April Bill Eastham will call
Marriott again. 

4.  Old Business.  

a. Professional Liaison Task Group.  Tabled
b. Money and Sub-budgets -- Judy Semplak will provide new copies of these
c.  Scholarship fund.  Tabled.
d.  Advertising List.  In order to advertise in local papers, newsletters
we need to have the information to them well in advance.  OnQ needs at
least 90 days notice.  Bill E. needs to give Suzanne S. the NQM
information ASAP for advertisement in OnQ.  Suzanne will send out e-mail
list of local newspapers. 
e.  Exhibit display.  Discussion of offering advertising in newsletter to
pay for the exhibit. 

5.  New Business.

a.  Lack of Participation of (volunteer) Board Members at Dinners and
Board meetings.  Chair-Elect Harvey Shaw expressed concern at lack of
participation of Board members.  Stressed importance of making the effort
to attend dinner meetings.  No elected Bo ard members were present at
February meeting. 

b.  Nominating Committee.  Need to form Nominating Committee for upcoming
election of officers.  The Nominating Committee consists of Chair,
Chair-Elect and other members appointed by the Chair.  Board members
should network to find members interested in serving on the Board.  Please
send nominations via phone or fax to Harvey ASAP. 

c.  Newsletter.  Newsletter Editor has not responded to communications
from Harvey.  Suzanne S. volunteered to get a newsletter out ASAP.  Bill
Casti will e-mail Board list to Suzanne.  This Newsletter will be mailed
first class.  Deadline for mailing is April 16. 

d.  History of Section 0511.  Walter Mendus and Roger Semplak are putting
together section history and will make it available on diskette and hard

e.  Appointment of ISO Chair.  Jim Wilson may be interested in this
position. Tabled until next meeting. 

f.  Quality Congress.  Chair-Elect not available to go to ASQC Quality
Congress in May, funds had been alloted for this purpose.  Judy Semplak
will be given option; if she does not wish to go Bill Eastham will be
given the funds allotted for Chair -Elect to attend (motion passed with 6
yeas, 1 nay and 1 abstention). 


End of Minutes.