Minutes of the Northern Virginia ASQC Board Meeting - 2 May 1996

On 2 May, 1996 the Executive Board of ASQC No. Va. Section 0511 met to discuss the societyís business. In attendance were:

Patty Adair (202) 745-7805
Roger A. Semplak (703) 491-8227
Roger W. Schaffer (703) 361-3422
Walter M. Mendus (703) 354-5932
Henry Kling (703) 360-9134
Mark Jones (703) 222-4916
Bill Casti (800) 604-6149
Norm Hills (703) 892-2740
Gail Symons (703) 379-0470
Bill Toth (301) 924-6131
Harvey Shaw (703) 892-2740

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

1. April meeting minutes were accepted.

2. Treasurerís Report:

Beginning     $19,443.51
Deposits        1,388.08
Expended          829.18
Balance        20,002.41

Deposits               0
Expended          930.00
Balance        19,072.41

1. Standing Committee Reports. The Board heard reports from the Electronic Media Chair and Membership Chair.

2. Old Business:

a) Professional Liaison. Mark Jones attended Quality Summit and made good contacts for section 0511.

b) Money and sub-budgets for Committees. There will be no sub-budgets for individual committees this year, with the exception of education committee.

c) ISO Chair. Bill Toth asked Linda Lassiter to be Chair of ISO Committee; Crystal Pilkins will be Chair-Elect; a number of others have volunteered to be on the committee. There will be 4 subcommittees -- (1) ISO 9000, (2) ISO 14000, (3) ISO Guide 26 and NELAC, and (4) Integration. 1st meeting of ISO committee is May 16, 6-8 pm @ Ft. Belvoir.

d) As incoming Chair, Harvey Shaw will charge all committee chairs to give a committee report at every Board meeting. Reports may be given via e-mail, fax, mail or in person. Bill Toth expressed dismay at lack of committee participation at Board meetings.

3. Election. Ballot will be sent out for run-off election for position of Chair-Elect. Committee of Tellers is in place. We need 25% response from the membership for a valid election.

4. June 19 will be Spouseís night. Dr. Sandra Baxter will present a survey on life events.

5. Proposal from Henry Kling to recognize those individuals and organizations that have continually contributed their time to our section. This includes past chairs, corporations and outstanding committee chairs. Motion carried.

6. E-Media Chair Bill Casti plans to become next Regional Director. We need to get his nomination in fairly soon and will discuss this with other sections.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.