Minutes for Board Mtg of 1 Jul 96

     ASQC Chapter 511
     1 July 1996
     1.  Election Report of Chair-Elect
        Mr. Bill Eastham was announced as the new Chair Elect.  Only 284 of 
     1000 members responded to the election.
     2.  SMP
        The planning meeting is tentatively scheduled for 17 August.  It 
     will be held at Harvey Shaw's offices at 3 Crystal Park, Suite 515.  
     The address is 2231 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA.  The meeting will 
     encompass Strategic Planning and Budget.
     3.  Treasurer's Report
        The treasurer was not present.  At the next meeting, the Treasurer, 
     Secretary, Chair and Chair-elect will need to sign bank signature 
     cards.  There are some questions on expenditures on the current 
     report.  A complete report is to be provided to the Chair prior to the 
     next meeting.
     4.  Committee Reports
        a.  National Quality Month
                Working with ASQC Section 509 to arrange a joint session.  
     Recommendation was made to pursue the possibility of taping the 
     broadcast and presenting at an evening program with facilitated 
     discussions.  The original proposal was tabled.  The committee will 
     look into paying the $400 access for an organization to get ownership 
     of the tape.
        b.  Student Activities
                Contacted Marymount to pave the way to revive a student 
     chapter.  Identified the need for an angle to spark interest; perhaps 
     follow on national guidelines.  Several schools including VA Tech and 
     UVA were identified as having quality programs that could be explored.
        c.  Publicity
                Will place local stories with names and hometowns in the 
     local papers including the Washington Post.  Have a publicity kit from 
     ASQC National that will be the basis for actions taken.
        d.  Membership
                Suggestions were solicited to get new members from current 
     methods as well as new methods.  One area particularly of interest is 
     to key into human growth and professional development.  The 
     Certification Program is one effective draw.  On 17 August, The 
     Committee chair is to report on the recruitment tips in the 
     information packet.
        e.  Historian
                The Historian is actively working on a ten year history for 
     the national Quality Month program.
        f.  Education
                The committee has been given carte blanche for $2000 to go 
     to National.
        g.  Electronic Media
                The committee chair will make a proposal for hardware 
     expenses and other expenses for electronic media.  This was tabled for 
     next month when Bill Casti can be present and explain.
     5.  Report on Quality Congress
        At the Congress were eleven or twelve of the past national chairs.  
     Several things were obtained for the historian.  There appears to be a 
     degree of pushback on ISO.  The feeling at the Congress was to 
     emphasize there is more to quality than ISO; There is also a move to 
     change the name to ASQ as the connotations of Control are not 
     6.  New Business
        The difficulty in receiving mail will be alleviated by changing the 
     address to ADI with the company name omitted.  The next meeting will 
     be held 8 August.
     Gail Symons
For more information, email the Secretary