Stress or Distress?


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Table of Contents

Stress or Distress?


TL 9000 - What is it?

What is TL 9000? (cont.)

Why a Telecommunications Specific Standard?

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Who Developed the Standard?

Who Developed the Standard? (cont.)

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QuEST Forum (cont.)

TL 9000 Formally Arrived to the World!

Since Then. . .

Impact on Today’s Business

Targets for TL 9000

Key Differences of TL 9000 Over ISO 9001

Where ISO 9000 Does Not Meet Telecommunications Needs

TL 9000’s Differences of Approach Over ISO 9001

TL 9000 Structure

TL 9000 Model

What are Metrics?

Why Metrics?

Metrics Reporting - Data Flow

Metrics Reporting - Data Flow (cont.)

Product Categories

Sample Product Category Definition

Sample Reported Data’s Format

What Does It Mean?

TL 9000 Added Requirements

Major Adders to ISO 9001

TL 9000 Added Requirements

Example of Quality System Requirements

Documentation Impact

Documentation Impact (cont)

TL 9000 Administration

TL 9000 Administration (cont.)

Impact of TL 9000 to Company’s Management

Audit Requirements

Level of Effort Required


TL 9000 Data Costs

After All This Effort. . .

Future of TL9000

Author: Donna Thomas


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