Six Sigma Overview


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Table of Contents

Six Sigma Overview

What is Six Sigma?

A Metric

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Method and Tools


Overall Approach

Method and Tools

Six Sigma Organization

Six Sigma Organization


Master Black Belts

Black Belts

What Makes a Good Black Belt?

Green Belts

Characteristics of a Good Project

Examples of Black Belt Projects

Examples of Black Belt Projects

Six Sigma Applies to All Processes in All Industries

2001 AQC Six Sigma Sessions

What is Different? Why Does Six Sigma Work?


Six Sigma is a Contact Sport

Additional Slides

Common Define Pitfalls Project Scope

Common Measure Pitfalls - Tools

Initial Process Map Detail

Incapable Measurement System

Common Analyze Pitfalls - Tools

Analyze Tools

Common Improve Pitfall DOE Planning

Common Control Pitfalls Operational Discipline

Deployment Elements

Six Sigma Deployment & Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework

Six Sigma Process

Author: Susan O. Schall

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