ASQ Section 0511 January 2022 Meeting Announcement

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Professional Night: Path to Quality, Part 2

Conducted by
Quality Professionals of ASQ Section 0511

Short Narrative/Description:

We conducted a new type of an event at the December 2021 Section Meeting: our first Professional Night: Path to Quality. It was designed to give floor to YOU, the Quality Professionals of Northern Virginia. It was a success! Twelve randomly selected Quality Professionals spoke 5-6 minutes each introduced by 3 moderators.
In our post-meeting online poll, the December 2021 meeting participants highly praised this Professional Night and overwhelmingly voted to continue at the January 2022 Section Meeting to give floor to those who did not have time in December.
In addition, the Section Chair will present his Section Chair's Report to brief the participants on the State of the Section. Note: This is the first Chair Report since the Chair's May 2021 Quality Matters presentation.

Overview of the Program Content:

Section Business. The Section Business part of the meeting will likely be shorter than usual as a number of Section Business items will be touched upon in the Section Chair's Report.
Section Chair's Report. After that, the Chair will present his report on the State of the Section. This is the Report promised to you at the December meeting.

Professional Night: Path to Quality. Whatever time remains, we will continue with the introductions of the Quality Professionals started in December 2021.